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10 Facts About Henry Ford (middle school History)

10 Facts about our Sun (middle school Astronomy)

10 Mathematical Equations that changed the world (high school Mathematics)

13 Billion Years Ago (high school Astronomy)

3.1 Introduction and Commercial Sites (high school Business)

3.1 Types of Restaurants (high school Business)

30 Interesting Facts About Dinosaurs For Kids (elementary Earth Science)

7 Facts about Maldives (all grades Geography)

9 Facts about Earth (all grades Earth Science)

Adding Negative Numbers (middle school Mathematics)

Afghanistan (all grades Geography)

Africa Facts (all grades Geography)

Alaska Facts (all grades Geography)

Albert Einstein (middle school History)

Amazing Chemical Reactions (middle school Chemistry)

American Revolution (high school History)
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An overview of World War 2 (high school History)

Antarctica Facts (all grades Geography)

Arctic Animals (preschool Life Sciences)

Asia Facts (all grades Geography)
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Atoms and Molecules (elementary Chemistry)

Atoms and Molecules (elementary Chemistry)

Australia Facts (all grades Geography)

Basic English in Spanish Subtitles (high school Foreign Language)

Bats – Myths Busted (preschool Life Sciences)

Benjamin Franklin Facts (middle school History)

Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father (all grades History)

Big Buck Bunny (elementary)

Biochemistry Introduction (high school Biology)

Biography of Abraham Lincoln for Kids (elementary History)

Biography of Christopher Columbus (middle school History)

Biology for Beginners (middle school Biology)

Biology- Cell Structure (high school Biology)

Biomolecules (middle school Biology)

Birds (elementary Life Sciences)

Birds (preschool Life Sciences)

Building the Transcontinental Railroad (elementary History)

Cell Structure and Function (elementary Biology)

China (all grades Geography)

Cleopatra Facts (middle school History)

Cold War Facts (middle school History)

Counting to 10 from spanish to English (preschool Foreign Language)

Covergirl Demo

ctrl keys (middle school Computer Science)
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Different Seasons (preschool Earth Science)
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Does Your School Matter? (college prep Business Education)

Earth Science- Lakes (middle school Earth Science)

Economics- The Basics (high school Business)

Ecosystem and the Food Chain (elementary Earth Science)

Egypt (all grades Geography)

Europe Facts (all grades Geography)

European Territory 3000BC-2013AD (middle school Geography)

Explanation of Buoyancy (elementary Physics)

Forensic Files (high school Media and Technology)

Fort Castillo de San Marcos (all grades History)
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Fun Facts About Spiders (elementary Earth Science)

Fun Facts about Stonehenge (elementary History)

Generation Like ( Media and Technology)

Geography Quiz (high school Geography)

George Washington Facts (middle school History)

Google Earth - Continents & Oceans (middle school Geography)

Google forms (college Media and Technology)

Greatest Warriors In History (middle school History)

History of China (high school History)
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History of the Automobile (high school History)

History of the Computer (all grades History)

History of the U.S. Presidential Inauguration Day (elementary Government)

How a Bill Becomes a Law (high school History)
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How an Engine Works (high school Physics)

How Do Airplanes Fly (middle school Physics)

How Elections Work (high school Government)

How power is divided in the U.S Government (high school Government)

How the Electoral College Works (middle school Government)

How to Calculate the Slope of a Line (middle school Mathematics)
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Hurricanes (preschool Life Sciences)

in the field with streams and muck (all grades Anatomy and Physiology)

India (all grades Geography)

Insects (preschool Life Sciences)

Insects and arachnids (elementary Life Sciences)

Introduction to Circles (high school Mathematics)

Inventions of the Industrial Revolution (elementary Social Studies)

Iraq (middle school Geography)

Ireland Facts (all grades Geography)

Isaac Newton-Laws and Discoveries (middle school History)

Israel (middle school Geography)

Πράξεις πραγματικών αριθμών 1 (middle school Mathematics)
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John Green Crash Course - The Agricultural Revolution (high school Social Studies)
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Jordan (all grades Geography)

Jupiter Facts (middle school Astronomy)

Kentucky Facts (all grades Geography)
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Kids Guide to Mahatma Gandhi (middle school History)

King Richard the Lionheart (middle school History)

Landmarks Around the World (elementary Social Studies)

Layers of the Atmosphere (middle school Earth Science)

Layers of the Earth for Kids (elementary Earth Science)

Leaf identification of common trees (middle school Earth Science)

Learn the 50 States n Capitals (primary Geography)

Learning Money for Children in 1st and 2nd Grade (elementary Business)

Lebanon (all grades Geography)

Lesotho (middle school Geography)

Libya (middle school Geography)

Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly (elementary Life Sciences)

Lincoln National Bank Demo

Lucia Toppino Interview (college Language)

Magellans expedition (middle school History)

Mali (all grades Geography)
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Marine Animals (preschool Life Sciences)

Martin Luther King, Jr (all grades Social Studies)

meiosis (high school Life Sciences)
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Mile of Pi (middle school Mathematics)

Modern Shopping (high school Business)
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Mongolia Facts (all grades Geography)

National Monument Secrets (high school History)

Neptune Facts (middle school Astronomy)

New Orleans (elementary Earth Science)

Nicaragua (middle school Geography)

Nikola Tesla Facts (high school History)

North America Facts (all grades Geography)

Nutrition, Food Pyramid, Healthy Eating (elementary Health)

Ocean Whale (elementary Life Sciences)

Osmosis Explained (high school Chemistry)

Pakistan (middle school Geography)

Papua New Guinea (all grades Geography)

Parts of a Plant (preschool Earth Science)

Parts of the Body for Kids (elementary Health)

Phases of the Moon (preschool Astronomy)

Philippines (middle school Geography)

Plate Tectonics (middle school Earth Science)

Reptiles (elementary Life Sciences)

Research Methods Overview (college Media and Technology)
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Rise of the Roman Empire (high school History)

River Systems (middle school Earth Science)

Rock Cycles (middle school Earth Science)

RooClick Demo (college Business)
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Rounding (elementary Mathematics)

Samoa (all grades Geography)

Saturn Facts (middle school Astronomy)

Saudi Arabia (middle school Geography)

Sea Animals (preschool Life Sciences)

Seven Continents (elementary Earth Science)

Shadow on Earth (all grades Astronomy)
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Shark Dream

Shark Dream

Solar - YouTube (college Astronomy)

Solar System Educational Video (middle school Astronomy)

Solar System GC Test (high school Astronomy)

South America Facts (all grades Geography)

Sri Lanka- What do you know? (all grades Geography)

Stages of Mitosis (all grades Biology)

Strangest holes on Earth (middle school Earth Science)

Structure of the Leaf Plant Biology (middle school Earth Science)

Syria (all grades Geography)

Test (all grades Anatomy and Physiology)

The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips ( Life Sciences)

The American Revolution (middle school History)

The Ancient Vikings (middle school History)

The Assassination of Julius Caesar (middle school History)

The Bill of Rights Explained (high school Government)

The Civil Rights Movement (elementary Social Studies)

The Civil War (high school History)

The Civil War Explained (elementary History)

The Commonwealth of Kentucky (middle school History)

The Crusades-Pilgrimage or Holy War (middle school History)

The Fall of the Berlin Wall (middle school History)

The Gold Rush of 1849 (elementary History)

The Grand Canyon (all grades Earth Science)
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The Human Brain (middle school Health)

The Lewis and Clark Expedition (all grades History)

The Louisiana Purchase Explained (all grades History)

The Main Causes of World War 1 (high school History)

The Mexican American War (high school History)

The periodic table - classification of elements (middle school Chemistry)

The Pilgrims (middle school Social Studies)

The Planet Mars (middle school Astronomy)

The Planet Mercury (middle school Astronomy)

The Planet Venus (middle school Astronomy)

The Presidents of the United States (high school Government)

The Pyramids of Giza (all grades History)

The Solar System (preschool Astronomy)

The Statue of Liberty for Kids (elementary Social Studies)

The United States Flag (elementary Social Studies)

The White House (high school Government)

This is Alexander Graham Bells voice (all grades History)

Thomas Edison Facts (middle school History)

Top of the World - Mount Everest (elementary Geography)

Turkey (middle school Geography)

Types of Human Bones (middle school Health)

U.S History Review in 18 Minutes (high school History)

United Arab Emirates (middle school Geography)

Uranus Facts (middle school Astronomy)

Virus and Bacteria Introduction for Kids (elementary Biology)

Volcano Facts (all grades Earth Science)

Water Cycles-Condensation, Precipitation and Evaporation (elementary Earth Science)

Weather Cycles (middle school Earth Science)

What Is An Earthquake (elementary Earth Science)

What is Physics (elementary Physics)

Where the Wild Things Are
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Wild Animals (preschool Life Sciences)

Wild Animals Names and Sounds for kids (preschool Earth Science)

William Shakespeare Biography (high school Literature)

Winston Churchill Biography (high school History)
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