Personal+Live+More = Beyond Interactive

Take your video to the next level with custom interactive solutions.

Easy Editing
Use our free/low-cost editor or let us create custom experiences.
Live Events
Make your livestream events clickable and interactive for viewers.
Use variable data from your CRM or B2B system to personalize every video.
Interactive Displays
Make your interactive displays engaging with interactivity or facial recognition.
RooClick is compatable with IOS and Android, but optimized for laptop and tablets.
Detailed Reporting
Our reporting shows you detailed view & engagement reports. See where people are struggling and Sales can see exactly what the consumer wants.
Education Solution
Make your video lessons clickable, embed quizzes and documents, invite your students through Google Classroom and more!
Enterprise Solutions
Optimize your sales and increase your ROI. Find out EXACTLY what your customers want and adjust to trends on the fly!