Is Interactive Video the right solution for your business?

Absolutely! Interactive videos are proven to increase engagement, improve retention of content, extend duration that viewers stay with your video (decreasing video abandonment), and increase sales.

Our methods deliver:

Up to 40% more visitors to your website

Keep them there 30% longer

Most importantly will add up to 60% lift in current campaigns

Our most popular forms of interactive video create a more personalized experience with prospective and current customer sites:

●Hotspots: Tag and enhance points of interest inside your videos to provide additional information or directly offer products for sale. This eliminates searching and disconnect for your viewers.

●Branching: Allow viewers to create their own journey of discovery and decision. To allow the viewer more control over their interaction with you builds a deeper connection.

Within the RooClick™ player, all intentional and curious user interactions are easily reported within the video. This means you gain greater insight on interests and clicks made while watching. This deep dive into data gives you specific information about personalized interests.We provide thorough details about each viewer or summarized by video allowing you to evolve the user experience based on personalized interests.

According to Cisco's recent research, by 2019, video will make up 80% of consumer Internet traffic. How do you plan to have your video rise above all the digital noise? Sure you can spend tens of thousands on a top-notch production but will you see your expected ROI? Will you know how much sales are driven by each video? RooClick™ will help you reduce the need for high production costs as well extend the life and productivity of your digital content while giving you the tools to see real-time results.

At RooClick™, it is our goal to provide you with a solution that allows you to maximize your video content and turn passive watching into to a highly engaging online video viewing experience. We take interactive to a new level when it comes to online videos. To us, "interactive" is not just play or pause; rather it is a fully immersive experience. We want it to be something your viewers will remember!

Learn how we tailor to your Industry's needs

Would you like to drive more pre-approvals with people who just listed their home sale within a targeted area? Are you looking for ways to secure more HELOC's in high profile neighborhoods? New checking accounts deliver personal relationships for long-term community expansion. We compliment current campaigns and deliver sophisticated video ads/campaigns to existing and potential customers. With RooClick™, you can utilize your digital content on your website to provide direct leads on individuals interested in your products and services. Take leads provided from interactions inside your videos to retarget future marketing campaigns and provide direct advertising and promotion. Interactive videos can also help you easily provide customer service support through online videos available on your site. This helps you reduce overheard and personnel costs as well as provide 24/7 customer support.
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If you operate in a highly competitive industry, interactive video is a new tool to set you apart from your competition. They allow you to offer specific information to viewers to immerse your brand across the content while obtaining greater understanding of potential customers and the market. Interactive videos provide a proven 10X higher influence compared to passive videos. A study found that with interactive videos, 35% of the businesses saw a better conversion rate and 25% reported better business revenue. Use interactive video to fully demonstrate your products and services while allowing the viewer to learn more with just one click. Interactive videos can also help you effortlessly provide customer service support through online videos available on your site. This helps you reduce overheard and personnel costs as well as provide 24/7 customer support to better suit the needs of your site visitors.
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According to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), as reported by eLearn Magazine, research suggests people also turn to video when they want to learn something. A global survey of video consumption found that 29 percent of respondents watched tutorials and "how to" videos alongside entertainment content. Adding interactive videos to your site is proven to increase interest. You can use those videos to offer your products directly to the viewer. This eliminates confusion and searching for those interested in purchasing or learning more.

By offering products directly through the video, you rapidly eliminate disconnect between seeing the product and finding it for sale online. Empowering people to actively participate with a video, make selections, and get involved will turn it into a more influential tool. Did you know that most videos on YouTube™ have an average view time of just a few seconds? RooClick™wants more for you and your videos than just "views". Adding interactive content to your website helps keep viewers interested and ensures that they are continuously engaged by your online videos. That's not good for your bottom line. What you want is the opportunity for them to respond to your brand and cultivate and support a professional consumer/brand relationship.
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You can now utilize RooClick™ in recruiting. The use of video to more vividly communicate corporate culture, environments, and company surroundings to recruit is rapidly increasing. Now, by implementing the RooClick™ player, you can collect information to qualify and retarget potential job candidates. This compliments your social media presence, allows you to maximize your digital traffic to increase the productivity of your recruiters and hiring managers. While video is rapidly gaining traction on the Internet, it is also being utilized in workplace eLearning and training.

Here are few reasons to convert your existing training videos to interactive:

● It increases engagement thus better retention

● Enhances and encourages learning through engaging auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners

● Increases retention of the material being presented

● The activity inside the video is trackable for general completion or graded assessments.

With the RooClick™player, we tell you who is watching the video and whether they are actively or passively watching. Our extensive reporting allows you see in real-time individual engagement rates of viewers, offer quizzes and scores and discover the success of the video. Evolving the interactive experience for new regulations or corporate policies does not require expensive production activities. Your organizations, trainers and managers will thank you!

Watch a recruiting demo here

Watch a training demo here