Make your classroom interactive!


The education world is changing

and videos are a huge part of it.


RooClick is compatable with IOS and Android, but is optimized for laptop and tablets. Download our mobile apps on the Google play store or iTunes store.

Detailed reporting

Our detailed reporting allows you to see where your students are struggling and thriving, who is engaged and who is not. Monitor their every success quickly with our reporting tools!


Students are already watching videos. Why not let them interact with the videos? Make your video lessons clickable. Embed your quizzes and documents. Invite your students through Google Classroom and more!


Don't spend anymore time grading papers. Embed quizzes into your videos and we will automatically grade them for you!

What's the Cost?

Teachers spend too much of their own money in the classroom

Now RooClick is giving back!

Individual Teachers

Totally free to individual teachers.

Schools and Districts

Schools-$299 per year. Districts-$1099 per year (up to 5 schools)

Large Districts and States

If you are a large school district or a state education entity please Contact Us for pricing.

What does a paid membership include?

With each paid subscription, additional data is provided to give extensive feedback regarding engagement, use, success, opportunities etc. based on your level. Our data is extensive regarding what each student does while watching RooClick videos so you will be able to oversee your students and personnels' activity and know where there are students and teachers' excelling and where there are opportunities to improve learning. Never before has it been so easy for leaders in education to evaluate.